iGenius Global Services is a multidisciplinary private limited company offering professional services in the fields of Knowledge Management, Training & Development, Corporate Branding and IT Services & Mobile Applications. We have experience in supporting organizations irrespective of their sizes, structure, nature of their operations and even locations. Our boutique of knowledge solutions and services help you build a company of high knowledge sharing culture, well-trained people and strong corporate brand image. We have a talent pool of highly dynamic, young and experienced people. We are committed to our invaluable customers as we aim to support them whole-heartedly in their current and future endeavors.

Our Mission

To emerge as a highly competent service provider by offering best in class and innovative solutions to organizations across the industries in their marketing, branding and product development endeavors.

Our Vision

To become a pioneer in the field of Content Management, Training & Development, Corporate Branding and Application Development by providing exclusivity, high value and extreme delight to our clientele.